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Lactation-friendly meals and drinks that help you promote your baby’s growth.

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Meals rich in protein, iron, and vitamins to boost postpartum and common post-surgery recovery.

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Guided Menu

Well-balanced and nutritious meals reviewed by our in-house dietitian.

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Biodegradable Containers

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For soups, warm desserts, and lactation drink. Preserve heat up to 6 hours.

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About ReLacto

At ReLacto, we place a great emphasis on diet after childbirth or post-delivery diet. Guided by the expertise of our head chef and our in-house dietitian, we are committed to providing the best foods for new mothers and lactation meals for our beloved clients. After all, a well-thought meal plan for breastfeeding mom would be key to your newborn’s growth and muscle development.

About Packaging

Thanks to the digital age, breastfeeding mommies are having a field day due to the abundance in lactating food to increase breast milk. The presence of the internet and the ever-developing technology has also enabled you to acquire foods that increase lactation and foods to boost milk supply more easily. Plus, the blissful progress of technology meant that your doctor is only one call or one text away from a consultation! A privilege that was inaccessible to your predecessors.

Consulting your doctor or dietitian would allow you to gain significant wisdom regarding healthy meals for breastfeeding moms. This is useful as they would be able to share their thoughts and advice on which lactation food Singapore moms would find most convenient and healthy for daily consumption. As a result, creating a diet plan for feeding mother is no longer a hassle!

As we previously mentioned, getting food is no longer an issue due to the abundance of food delivery services that exist in this modern era. With one swipe or five short minutes on your smart-phone, you would be able to get food delivered to your doorstep as well. As an adept food provider, ReLacto have also joined the fray in catering to our consumers as well. You can now have your lactation friendly food delivered through ReLacto nutrition food delivery service.

Now that we have mentioned about our food delivery service, it is also worth noting that ReLacto lactation-friendly foods are packaged and sealed properly. When looking for foods, you should be well informed that your meals are handled by professionals who regularly undergo sanitization and are properly trained to handle meals. You also need to keep an eye on a few instances when choosing food, these two instances should give you an idea on how you should choose your meals based on the packaging.

Thermal Flask

  • Keep your soups and drinks warm for up to 6 hours
  • Preserve the freshness of your meals with double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Safe for you and your baby as it is BPA-free and made of food-grade, stainless steel material

Biodegradable Packaging

  • Help makes the Earth a better place for your kids
  • Less plastic clutter for your kitchen and the environment
  • Safe and free from harmful chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What lactation foods can help with breast milk production?

The short answer: everything on our lactation food menu! Our lactation meals incorporate not only the nutrients you need for breast milk production but also lactogenic ingredients that are said to maintain and boost one’s breast milk supply, such as ginger, garlic, fennel, fenugreek, moringa oleifera, and green papaya.

2. How do lactation foods increase breast milk supply?

Lactation foods, such as those found in our meals for lactation, are anecdotally known to maintain, boost, and nourish breast milk supply. Lactation foods, also known as galactogogues, are said to increase the level of prolactin – the hormone responsible for breast milk production. Some experts believe that incorporating lactation foods like ginger into meals (like our Braised Chicken with Ginger and Coriander Sauce dish) can help improve blood supply and flow around the mammary glands, which in turn may boost breast milk supply.

3. What are the benefits of breastfeeding meals?

Aside from maintaining and supporting your breast milk supply, our lactation meal plan has been carefully curated by our certified in-house dietitian and award-winning chef to incorporate all the necessary nutrients to keep you and your baby well-nourished throughout your breastfeeding journey. A hidden benefit is, of course, that you would no longer have to deal with the hassle of daily meal preparation as we would deliver warm and fresh meals from our breastfeeding food package to your doorstep every day!

4. When should I start having lactation meals?

It is usually recommended that you engage a lactation food Singapore service before or as soon as you begin breastfeeding. However, as mothers may still be in confinement at the time, it is recommended that you have meals from our breastfeeding food package four weeks into your confinement period and after your healthcare professional has given you the go-ahead.

5. What foods to eat while breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding, the foods you eat need to be able to support your increased nutrition requirements. So, try to look for foods that provide adequate hydration, such as fruits, soups, and non-sweet drinks. Amping up your diet with lactogenic foods such as ginger, fenugreek, green papaya, and moringa oleifera may not only help you with breastfeeding but also with providing nutrition for your baby. Try to also have nutrient-rich foods as a lack of Omega-3 DHA, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, D, E, C, Choline, and Iodine in your diet may affect your breast milk, which may result in your baby not receiving all the nutrients required for his or her development.

6. Can I incorporate spicy foods into my diet while breastfeeding?

Yes, including spicy foods in your diet while breastfeeding will impart spice flavours into your breast milk. This will not only help your baby latch on better but will also help expand his or her palate. Some spices like ginger may actually even help to boost your breast milk production in addition to adding flavour to it – especially when paired with garlic!

7. What foods should breastfeeding mothers avoid?

Both alcohol and mercury have been shown to affect a baby’s cognitive development. If you are unable to completely abstain from alcoholic beverages, many healthcare professionals recommend limiting one’s caffeine intake, breastfeeding only 3 to 4 hours after consumption of alcoholic beverages, and consuming no more than one regular alcoholic drink per day. When it comes to mercury-rich foods, shark fin, albacore tuna, and king mackerel should be avoided as much as possible. Breastfeeding mothers are instead recommended to have 2 to 3 servings of seafood with low mercury levels per week not only to help limit their mercury exposure but also to reap the benefits of Omega-3 DHA, which supports brain development.