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Nursing mums, do you want a hassle-free way to be well-nourished and produce sufficient, nutritious breast milk for your baby?

Lactation Meals - Relacto Singapore

Obtaining proper meals that can promote recovery from childbirth on a daily basis is already challenging as it is. For mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding, the work and efforts to get the right and sufficient nourishment double.

With every mother’s needs in mind, ReLacto offers a wide-ranging nutritious menu specially curated by our award-winning chef and in-house dietitian.

Our dishes are packed with lactation-boosting ingredients and each meal set is accompanied by lactation drink to ease a mother’s burden in improving her breastfeeding experience.

Spare yourself from the hassle of gathering the right ingredients and preparing daily meals, as ReLacto’s carefully-planned nourishment and lactation meals would extensively support you in your motherhood journey.

Lactation Meals By Tian Wei Signature - Relacto Singapore

By Tian Wei

ReLacto is created by Tian Wei Signature in the latter’s efforts to further assist a mother’s postpartum recovery journey. Tian Wei Signature serves nutrient-dense meals for mothers in their most critical period after birth, namely the confinement period.

While both Tian Wei Signature and ReLacto offer healing and nourishing benefits for new mothers, ReLacto’s menu sees a wider variety of dishes with fewer restrictions placed on the ingredients, ideally crafted for mothers celebrating the end of their confinement and yet still seeking a healthy alternative.


Meet our

Head Chef

Chef Eugene started his professional career in the culinary industry by honing his skills in international cuisine, which eventually inspired him to create interesting fusion and traditional confinement dishes at Tian Wei Signature. With his experience in curating breastfeeding-friendly and nutritious confinement meals, Chef Eugene aspires to keep supporting mothers along their breastfeeding journey with the nourishment and lactation menu at ReLacto.


Meet our


Eunice Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition from International Medical University. She is an Accredited Dietitian of Singapore and a Certified Prenatal Dietitian. She is also the in-house Dietitian for Tian Wei Signature. With her expertise in nutrition and menu planning, Eunice helps to ensure that every meal you have at ReLacto is packed with the key nutrients you need for recovery and lactation.

We are Relacto, your hassle-free daily meals for lactation and nourishment by dietitian.

Our objective? We aim to serve you with the best lactation meals and diet plan while breastfeeding. We understand how important it is to feed breastfeeding mom food that would be good for their health. Hence, our Relacto dietitian has formulated our very own Relacto lactation food in order to help mommies practice a healthy yet nourishing diet after their confinement ends.

ReLacto is a sub-business unit for Tian Wei Signature, a dedicated healthy confinement food provider for needy moms like you! With Tian Wei Signature, confinement foods are no longer boring. Moms will be pampered with an array of creative Tian Wei Signature menu that will excite and make their confinement experience memorable. Plus, Tian Wei also provides confinement food delivery that is available for 7,14, 21 or 28 days with an option for lunch, dinner or both. There is also a 20-day option of confinement food delivery for weekdays only. A trial meal of lunch or dinner is offered for mothers who are keen to try before signing up for a package.

Relacto chefs are guided by our head chef, Chef Eugene! A culinary expert with years of experience in international cuisines and exceptional culinary skills under his belt. You might know him from various renowned cooking competitions including The Chef Apprentice on Channel 8, Tabasco Hot Chef Challenge, MLA Black Box Challenge, and FHA Challenge. Under his watch, your meals are well assured to be both nourishing and healthy

To date, Chef Eugene and his team have helped thousands of new mothers with meals for breastfeeding moms and lactation diet plan.

Trying to keep tabs on your calories or curious if certain types of foods might be good for you? What is the best breastfeeding diet plan for you? Let our expert help! Eunice Tan is a Full Dietitian Member of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, and a Full Dietitian Member of Malaysian Dietitian Association. A graduate of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition from International Medical University, she possesses the right qualifications and expertise to help you create the best breastfeeding food plan!