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4 Things That Can Help You As A New Mother

Congratulations on the sweet little addition to the family! Welcome to the world of motherhood, where life brings you a bunch of irreplaceable joyful moments and equally as much…headaches. Now that you have brought your little bundle of joy into this new world, you are probably drained or exhausted from the delivery process.

Some dilemmas might also surface as you work on your recovery, “What can I do to recover faster?”, “What should I eat right now?”, “How would I be able to look after my child?”. These concerns are relatively common among mommies and there is nothing to be worried about. In this article, we have provided you with some tips that can help you out as a new mother. You might want to read this one to the end!

Keeping Yourself Well-Nourished

As you go through your confinement stage, it is wise to keep in mind that having the right nutrition is key in boosting your postpartum recovery. Therefore, you will need to have a variety in your foods so that your body will be able to have a well-balanced diet. For a start, you can have more foods that are high in protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and iron.

In addition, protein-rich foods such as chicken, fishes, beef and milk are not only easily available but they are also widely accessible. Protein is important for your postpartum recovery as it provides the building blocks for your tissues and muscles to promote wound healing. Protein is also an important component for developing antibodies. This makes them a suitable choice of foods to help you establish a good immune system.

One of the best ways to help you as a new mother is to be familiar with lactation meals to ease your breastfeeding issues. Consuming ginger-rich foods are great for boosting your breast milk supply as it improves your blood flow. This makes ginger a brilliant ingredient for your lactation meal package due to its natural healing properties. But that is not all, meals that are high in papaya are also beneficial for increasing the quantity of your breast milk as the fruit helps in stimulating the smooth muscles that work to express your breast milk!

Having a Good Support System

For a recovering mom in confinement, there is nothing more assuring and comforting than having a good support system around you. It can be your significant other, your parents, relatives, close friends or even your pet too! Having a good support system is key in helping you recover better as they will be able to cover your limitations and ease your daily routines significantly.

For example, lifting heavy weights is strictly prohibited for you because of its risk on your womb. Therefore, you will need someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. Try to not overwork yourself as your body will need all the rest it can get. Don’t push yourself too much with the house chores and rest whenever you can. Ask for help from your partner or family. They would be more understanding of your current condition and gladly offer their help! Should your partner or family be unavailable to help, you can also opt for confinement nannies to ease your daily routines!

Getting Enough Rest

Now that we have mentioned getting enough rest, it is imperative that you should prioritise being well-rested for a better postpartum recovery. By getting enough rest and sleep, you will be able to recuperate and keep yourself energised throughout the day. Besides that, getting enough rest is also healthy for the mental aspects of your postpartum recovery especially your mental health.

Speaking of mental health, a lot of new mommies experience baby blues due to the lack of sleep or deprivation of rest. This condition, if not addressed as soon as possible and with proper care, could develop into postpartum depression. Since fatigue is one of the most recognisable symptoms that leads to this condition, taking a breather would be the wise move for your health in the long run.

By being well-rested, you would not only be able to recover better but it will also help in improving your mood, eases anxiety and treats sense of hopelessness effectively. Resting, complemented by the consumption of mood-boosting foods such as bananas, dark chocolate and oats as well as your prescribed medication will be beneficial in preventing or treating your baby blues!

Getting a Massage

What better way to treat and spoil yourself after your delivery than with delicate massage sessions carried out by professional masseurs? Having a massage is great for your postpartum recovery as it helps you feel more comfortable with your new body and eases the sore spots on your body. Plus, a postnatal massage is useful for relaxing the tense muscles on your abdomen, lower back and hip area. 

This will be a relief for your body as this type of massage helps your body release stiffness caused by improper latching. A good postnatal massage is not only great for alleviating surgical pains but also helps in improving your womb recovery! Getting your body massaged during confinement would promote the discharge of lochia, re-align your pelvic positions and improve the position of your abdominal organs for your comfort.

Breastfeeding wise, postnatal massage is great for enhancing your lactation. This is supported by the fact that postnatal massage therapy helps in relaxing your breastfeeding muscles. This would gradually lowers your stress hormones, improves blood flow and reduces swelling as well. As a result, you would be able to prevent engorgements from taking place and breastfeed your little bundle of joy better! 

Speaking of a better breastfeeding experience, MumChecked is a great platform for you to look for maternity and baby-related products! They have plenty of breast pump options to suit your needs and convenience. Who knows? You might be needing one soon!

In conclusion, these things would be of major help to you as a new mother. While your child’s growth and health may become your top priority, you should always be mindful that your health and wellbeing is equally important as well!
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