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5 Things to Do Before Your Baby Gets Here!

The third trimester of your pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster. Excitement and nerves would both skyrocket with the realization that after all these months of waiting, you will finally get to meet your precious little munchkin. 

But, mommies, are you prepared?

Have you crossed off everything on your baby checklist? Well then, take those pencils out again, mommies, because we, too, have a list!

Here’s our list of 5 things for you to do before your baby gets here. 

Go Over Your Baby Supplies 

There’s actually no need to tell you about this one. We know that you would have started shopping for baby supplies the moment you found out you were pregnant. Also, if you had a baby shower, well, enough said. 

While we’re sure you’ve bought every baby supply and product available in Singapore, we’re no strangers to how exhausting shopping for a baby can be. So, naturally, it is possible to forget or overlook a thing or two on your baby checklist. 

So, mommies, be sure to go over your baby checklist and supplies at least once or twice more just to be sure! 

Make Decisions About Work

This one is particularly for all the soon-to-be working mothers. Making work-related decisions before the arrival of your baby may be one of the most difficult yet important things to do. After all, juggling the responsibilities of a job and newborn is no easy feat, and planning for it is no different. 

So, if you’re yet to make decisions about work “post-baby”, asking yourself these questions would be a good start.  

  1. When will you be going back to work?
  2. Will you be extending your maternity leave? 
  3. Will you be working from home or in your office?
  4. If you work from home, will you require assistance with baby care?
  5. If you do not work from home, who will be taking care of your baby?
  6. Will you be able to take some time off work in the event of a baby emergency?
  7. If you’re nursing, can you pump at work? If yes, what will you be needing?  

It’s best to make all of these decisions ahead of time so that you’ll be more prepared and relaxed once your baby arrives.

Nursing Tip: MumChecked offers some of the best-rated breastfeeding items and accessories to make the process of nursing easier and more comfortable for new mothers. So, if you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, be sure to go check them out!  

Get a Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage is very similar to a full-body massage session that one might get at a spa. The only difference is that it is usually performed by a certified prenatal massage therapist, with a few changes to a pregnant mother’s body position to ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and baby.

You’re probably aware that getting a massage is incredibly relaxing. However, that’s neither the main nor the sole reason we recommend you get one. Prenatal massages, in actuality, are extremely beneficial to your health and wellbeing during pregnancy. Prenatal massages can help: 

  • relieve soreness and leg cramps
  • reduce lower hip and back pains
  • improve blood circulation and reduce swelling
  • reduce stress and improve sleep 

Note: Prenatal massages are generally considered safe after the first trimester, as long as your gynaecologist gives you the go-ahead.

Do a Test Run to the Hospital

If this is your first child, or if you have not given birth at the hospital where you intend to, it’s always a good idea to do a test run to see how long it takes you to get there. It is also best to familiarise yourself with the hospital layout ahead of time, such as where to park and where to go to specifically when it’s time for labour. 

It’s best to leave the frantic, last-minute labour dashes to the hospital to the sitcom casts. We assure you it will not be half as amusing or safe in real life.

Subscribe to a Confinement Meal Delivery Service 

foods to boost milk supply

Subscribing to a confinement meal delivery service is unequivocally one of the things you should do before your baby arrives. From nourishing a new mother’s body to promoting blood circulation and aiding postpartum recovery, there is really no shortage of benefits when it comes to confinement meals. 

However, as a new mother, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have the time to cook, let alone look up confinement food recipes and gather all the distinctive ingredients. So, for your convenience, it is best to sign up for a confinement meal delivery service.

This way, you’ll get a variety of dietician-reviewed meals packed with nutrition and flavour delivered straight to your doorstep for as long as you like. Also, did you know that most Chinese confinement meals contain galactagogues (foods to boost milk supply)? That’s a big plus for breastfeeding moms!

EXTRA: If you plan on breastfeeding your baby once he or she arrives, it is a good idea to sign up for a breastfeeding meal plan or package, preferably one that includes just about all of the best foods for lactation!


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