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65 Lactation-Boosting Food for Breastfeeding Mummies

“If there’s a demand, there’ll be supply,” is the concept that mothers would be introduced to as they get into breastfeeding. This paints an image of breastfeeding somehow being as easy as that. But of course, as many mothers would agree; it is not always that simple.

Do you find your breast milk supply decrease day by day? Running out of things that can help with boosting your milk production? Don’t lose hope just yet! There might be other solutions that you have not yet considered. And the good news is, the solution might just be the ones as easy as adding the right lactogenic ingredients into your daily meals! 

To naturally boost breast milk by consuming lactogenic ingredients, you first have to identify what they are and figure out which ones would work for you or the ones you prefer to have. Before we shorten the list further, her 

Too many to scour through? Totally understandable. It could take even longer to test everything on this list one by one to reach the one(s) that would work wonders for you.

No worries! You’ll be happy to know that our in-house dietitian has done the work for you to find out which ingredients among these are most recommended and proven to be effective in past studies and research. 

Recommended Milk-Boosting Ingredients

If you’ve been looking for the best foods to boost lactation, your search is about to end! Here are some of the best milk-boosters that have been proven effective to increase breast milk production:

  • Ginger

Improves blood flow, thus boosting milk production through the increased blood supply.

  • Garlic

Did you know that an improved scent can help make your little one more attracted stay latched on? Now you know! One particular ingredient that can help with this is none other than garlic, which gives a pleasant flavour to the milk.

Due to these, garlic also eases the introduction of breast milk to babies, as shown by mothers in past studies. Of course, it will encourage the baby to stay latched on longer!

  • Papaya

Now, who doesn’t know the famous, doesn’t-need-any-introduction green papaya? It is not only a delicious ingredient to have in your dishes or soups, but it also works great in promoting milk production! 

How does it do it? Boiled papaya fruit contains saponins and alkalids, which can affect the production of prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin functions as breast milk production synthesis. Alkaloid stimulates all smooth muscles to express breast milk at the alveoli, promoting milk production. In short, papaya will stimulate smooth muscles that work to express breast milk – and the rest is history!

  • Fennel

Fennel works by reducing inhibitory effects of other hormones (i.e. dopamine) on breast milk production, resulting in a smoother milk flow and production.

  • Fenugreek

This particular milk booster certainly requires no introduction!  Fenugreek is attributed to the stimulation of sweat production. Since the breast is practically modified sweat glands, thus the effect of fenugreek on milk production is very much possible.

  • Moringa Oleifera

Consuming this can help stimulate the secretory nerve endings and hormones (i.e. prolactin) that increase the secretion of milk, thus improving your milk production. 

As a matter of fact, studies and research on the consumption of fennel and fenugreek by breastfeeding moms show that these ingredients have the most potential when it comes to boosting milk supply! Finding an effective food boost breast milk supply is never easy, but we certainly hope this will help give you a shortcut in looking for ones that will do the magic for you.

At ReLacto, we serve you daily nourishment to boost your lactation and recovery, with a wide variety of over 100 meat and veggie dishes! With our in-house dietitian, we strive to serve what’s best for yourself and your little one. All the best, mommies!


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