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We are a team behind the leading lactation meal provider and we believe proper nutrition during breastfeeding is not just something to be experienced, but also worth learning about. On top of preparing nutritious meals for mothers, we’re passionate about researching and sharing useful information on nutrition for lactation and recovery, and occasionally tips on baby weaning through our blogs.

Why Should You Drink Lactation Drinks?

Why Should You Drink Lactation Drinks?

Breastfeeding is different for every mother. Some have it easier where the milk supply is abundant and they do not have to worry much about their baby not getting enough, while others have it harder with a low milk supply.…

How Fruits Aid In Breastfeeding

How Fruits Aid In Breastfeeding - ReLacto

As a new mother, you’ve just gone through the physical and emotional process of childbirth and have probably entered into post-pregnancy confinement. During this recovery time, it is important to focus on your health and the health of your newborn…

5 Advantages Mothers Get From Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural way to provide your baby with the nutrients they need for proper growth and development. It also has many benefits for mothers, including bonding with your baby, saving money, and reducing stress  So, without further ado,…

Easy & Healthy Breastfeeding Meal Ideas

Easy & Healthy Breastfeeding Meal Ideas - ReLacto

You’ve just finished your confinement period and you’re finally able to leave the house again. But as a nursing mother, you’re still trying to figure out what to eat to make sure you’re providing the best nutrition for your baby.…