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Behind ReLacto: Meet Our Chef & Dietitian!

Welcome to ReLacto! We are brought to you by the same team behind Tian Wei Signature, an award–winning fusion and traditional confinement food catering service in Singapore.

ReLacto was started with the intention to help breastfeeding moms like you with lactation and recovery. As a breastfeeding mom, sometimes you might find yourself being low on breast milk supply, or you may lack the time to prepare nutritious meals to keep yourself nourished to breastfeed due to your demanding commitments and hectic lifestyle. We understand your concerns on this matter. 

Therefore, ReLacto is here to provide multiple options for well-balanced and delicious foods for your lactation and recovery! With that said, how do we ensure these qualities for our dishes? Let us take you on a short trip to behind the scenes at ReLacto. Ladies, meet our chef and dietician!

Our Head Chef, Chef Eugene Tan

Ever wondered who is actually planning and preparing those nutritious meals at ReLacto? Meet our head chef, Chef Eugene! Chef Eugene started his professional career in the culinary industry by honing his skills in international cuisine.

Over the years, his exceptional culinary skills have given him the opportunity to take part in multiple renowned cooking competitions, including the Chef Apprentice on Channel 8, Tabasco Hot Chef Challenge, MLA Black Box Challenge, and FHA Challenge.

In time, chef Eugene’s passion for international cuisine eventually inspired him to create interesting and nourishing fusion dishes for the traditional confinement food scene. Chef Eugene is currently leading the culinary team behind Tian Wei Signature, an award-winning confinement food catering service in Singapore that serves fusion and traditional confinement meals.

To date, Chef Eugene and his team have helped thousands of new mothers with recovery and lactation through foods that help produce breast milk and improve postpartum recovery.

With his experience in creating nourishing and lactation-friendly confinement meals, Chef Eugene aspires to keep supporting mothers along their breastfeeding journey with the nourishment and lactation menu at ReLacto.

Our Dietitian, Eunice Tan

How do you know if what you eat is nutritious enough to produce sufficient high-quality breast milk for your little one? Well, you might want to leave that to the experts. Our dietitian, Eunice Tan is here to help! 

Eunice graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Dietetics with Nutrition from International Medical University, Malaysia. She is a Full Dietitian Member of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, and a Full Dietitian Member of Malaysian Dietitian Association.

Eunice is also the in-house dietitian for Tian Wei Signature, the award-winning fusion and traditional confinement food service in Singapore. With Eunice’s experience and expertise, she helps you to incorporate lactogenic foods to increase milk supply, to boost the nutritional quality of your milk, and to improve your postpartum recovery.

What’s In It For You?

How can you benefit from their expertise, you may ask. For a start, our lactation-friendly meals and drinks help you promote your baby growth. Lactation-friendly meals contain various ingredients that boost the nutritional quality of your breast milk.

Plus, At ReLacto, all your meals are carefully curated under our in-house dietitian’s guide to ensure they are packed with nutritious ingredients that can boost the nutritional quality of your milk. This way, your little one can get all the essential nutrients to grow healthily through your breast milk. 

You can also expect your meals at ReLacto to be delicious and interesting, as every meal is thoughtfully planned by Chef Eugene to not only include nutritious ingredients but also made with a refreshing combination of different flavours and textures. Our dietitian-guided nourishments would be a great addition to your postpartum recovery routine as they help in boosting your postpartum recovery.

On top of that, it would save you the hassle of having to plan and shop for the ingredients and save you the time taken to prepare it. So, why cook one when you can have your delicious, nourishing meals delivered right to the comfort of your home? Pretty convenient isn’t it?

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To conclude, our head chef and dietitian are always prepared to serve you nothing but the best meals for your postpartum recovery and improving your lactation. After all, your wellbeing is our top priority!

Interested in our dishes? Why don’t you give our meals a try? We are only one click away!


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