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Lactation Meal Plan: Everything You Need to Know

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Worried about your baby not getting enough milk? Worried that you’re not producing enough milk? Wondering how you can produce more milk? Wondering if there’s anything you can eat that would help you in breastfeeding? Searching online for lactation diet…

Behind ReLacto: Meet Our Chef & Dietitian!

ReLacto: Meet Our Chef & Dietitian

Welcome to ReLacto! We are brought to you by the same team behind Tian Wei Signature, an award–winning fusion and traditional confinement food catering service in Singapore. ReLacto was started with the intention to help breastfeeding moms like you with…

What is ReLacto All About?

What is ReLacto All About

Wish to continue breastfeeding after the first critical postpartum month, but not sure if you can maintain a good supply of milk? Unsure of what to eat during breastfeeding? Or lacking the time to make well-balanced, nutritious meals? Most mommies…

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