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How to Choose a Breastfeeding Meal Delivery Service?

How to Choose a Breastfeeding Meal Delivery Service - ReLacto

Does the following conversation sound familiar?

A: “Eh, hubbyyyyyy! I scare our bb not enuf to eat worrrr. Quick, make some baby milk formula lehhhh”

B: “Alright. Eh, did you know ah, you can sign up for breastfeeding meal delivery service? Can look more into it.”

A: “Huh? Got this service meh? Can call people to come and breastfeed our bb ah?”

B: “Not that breastfeeding meal delivery service lah. They deliver food that help you produce more breastmilk! I think they call it a breastfeeding diet meal plan or lactation diet menu.”

A: “Oooooooooh! Eh, bee, Google here got so many leh, which one to choose?”

B: “Aiyo, you ask me for wat? I look like I know how to choose proper breastfeeding meal delivery service or breastfeeding food plan isit?”

Now, obviously, that’s not quite realistic, is it? How many husbands actually know about breastfeeding meal delivery services? If anything, it would be more realistic if after the first line, the husband just went “you make yourself can? I’m busy”. Of course, we’re joking. The point we’re trying to make here is that it is very difficult to find someone who can talk you through how you should go about choosing a breastfeeding meal delivery service.

What is a breastfeeding meal?

Lactation meals are essential for breastfeeding mothers. It aids in the production of breast milk to benefit both you and your little one. For instance, nursing not only promotes a healthier growth for your child, but it also aids in postpartum weight loss. Keeping oneself nourished, on the other hand, may be difficult as you juggle postpartum recuperation, housework, and child care. As a result, it’s reasonable if you overlook the significance of eating a well-balanced diet or keeping a lactation diet chart.

How to choose a breastfeeding meal delivery service?

At this point, you’ll be asking what criteria are actually important in evaluating a breastfeeding meal delivery service. That’s a fair question. To assess this, you have to remember that the meals you eat have to incorporate not only the nutrition you need for yourself and your baby, but also contain lactogenic ingredients which can help support you in your breastfeeding journey.

It is also important to remember that you won’t see instant results as bodily functions cannot be tweaked overnight, so what you do today may only show results in a few days at the quickest. That means you’ll be eating this food for the next few days. You’d want some form of variety so that you’d be excited and actually look forward to having your lactation meals.

At the risk of tooting our own horn here, we feel that the best way to choose would be based on the following aspects:

1. Food

This has to go without saying. The food that you eat has to be delicious and well-balanced with lactogenic ingredients and even a lactation drink thrown in for added measure to help support you in your breastfeeding.

2. Delivery

Now, considering that we are talking about delivery services, it should be a no-brainer to have the food delivered to your doorstep and delivered hot! There’s nothing worse than having to eat cold food…well, there are worse things going on in the world, but you get our point.

3. Plans

You’re a busy person, but that does not mean that you’ll want food delivered every day. Perhaps on the weekends, you’d want to try your hand at cooking up some of those lactation meals for yourself? All the more power to you! What you want to be looking for here is a service provider who will be flexible with delivery schedules and their meal plan packages. Perhaps you won’t be in tomorrow because of some urgent meeting at the office? No issue, just ring them up and let them know you won’t be needing the meal that day and they’ll reinstate it to another day in your original package.

4. Packaging

Speaking of package, how is the package? What we mean by this is how do they pack the food? Do they use eco-friendly biodegradable packaging? Do they provide thermal flasks to keep soups and drinks warm?

5. Got freebies ah?

Finally, no negotiation/bargaining/deal is ever complete without one side asking for freebies. However, do take note that we have placed this criterion as one of the last things we look for when considering a breastfeeding meal delivery service, it won’t hurt their chances if they do decide to throw in, let’s say, a free electric food warmer if you signed up for their 14 Day Double Meal package and above, so that you can heat up your meals in 10 minutes flat!

Closing Words

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Now, what do you have to do? Well, we’d advise you to stop looking any further for a breastfeeding meal delivery service and head on over to our website to browse our lactation diet menu

Our breastfeeding diet meal plan incorporates lactogenic ingredients like fennel, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, moringa oleifera, and green papaya that will help support you in your breastfeeding journey.If you are interested, feel free to drop us a call at +65 6360 1000 today. Similarly, you could sign up for a breastfeeding food plan from our site. We look forward to serving you!


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