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Lactogenic Soups That May Boost Breast Milk Supply

Lactogenic Soups That May Boost Breast Milk Supply - ReLacto

Aiyaaaa. My bb getting enough milk or not ah…I don’t want later bb hungry leh”. Does that line sound familiar? No? Maybe it’s just us.

We often think out loud around here if drinking water to stay hydrated can help with milk supply, surely, soups can not only have that same effect but be a nice gastronomic experience in the process, right?

In our article today, we will be delving into several soups that we have on our menu which may just help you boost your milk supply.

What soups boost breast milk supply?

We will be looking at our top three most popular soups that support breastfeeding mothers to boost their breast milk supply.

Fennel Seafood Soup

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This lovely seafood number contains fennel (of course), prawns, tomatoes, snakehead fish filets, brown onion, celery, and parsley. The seafood soup packs Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Protein, and other goodies that you need to nourish your body.

Papaya Pork Ribs Soup

Another crowd-pleaser containing papaya, dates, pork, and soybeans. It has Vitamin C, Magnesium, Protein, and other nutrients that you will need. 

Fenugreek Green Papaya Fish Soup

Our wholesome and, arguably, most popular choice. This playful soup contains green papayas, red dates, fenugreek, snakehead fish filets, wolfberries, polygonatum, angelicae, Chinese yam, and ligusticum wallichii. It’s no surprise then, with all those ingredients, it helps to support breast milk supply, but also improves collagen formation and has Vitamin C which can help support growth of baby’s skin, bones, and teeth.

That’s all nice and well, but you might be asking now why would these soups in particular help support breast milk supply?

Why might soups boost breast milk supply?

We know and have covered before that staying hydrated while you are breastfeeding can help with the production of breast milk. After all, your body needs to get the necessary supply of liquid in order to form this sustenance for your baby.

It then stands to reason that soups will double up in this area because, unless you have accidentally made a stew, it’s mostly liquid and shares the same consistency with other liquids like water. Of course, this might go without saying, but if your soup tastes like water then you might have forgotten to put in the soup stock and other ingredients.

Lactogenic ingredients

Another reason why we say that some soups may potentially help boost your breast milk supply is that they incorporate the use of special ingredients that are said to have this added bonus of not only tasting good, but may, on a biological level, give your body that extra support you need to kick your milk production into high gear.

The ones that we normally use are:


Ginger has long been known to aid with blood flow and circulation — the process by which the heart circulates a person’s blood throughout the body. Ginger has the ability to dilate blood vessels, making it simpler for blood to flow. Ginger also includes chromium, magnesium, and zinc, all of which aid in blood circulation. These improvements in blood supply and circulation in the breast area are what contribute to increased breast milk production.


Garlic is thought to be able to affect the fragrance of breast milk which may cause babies to latch on for longer lengths of time especially during initial introduction, according to research. Because an increase in latching time may result in an increase in breast milk supply.

Green Papaya

Green papaya contains saponins and alkaloids that influence the production of prolactin and oxytocin, causing more breast milk to be produced. In addition, alkaloids activate the smooth muscles surrounding the mammary glands, causing them to produce breast milk.


Fennel seeds suppress dopamine’s inhibitory effects on breast milk production. This results in increased breast milk production and smoother milk flow. Plant oestrogens found in fennel seeds are also thought to aid nursing moms in producing more breast milk. It is also said to increase mammary growth.


Despite contradicting research, fennel is theorized to enhance perspiration production. Because breast tissue is a modified sweat gland, fenugreek may have an influence on generating more breast milk.

For decades, galactagogues have been made from fenugreek seeds all over the world. There isn’t much scientific evidence to support why fenugreek seeds work, but some feel it has something to do with the plant oestrogens found in them, which are comparable to those found in fennel seeds. Aside from that, fenugreek seeds have a number of nutraceutical, and antioxidant qualities that make them perfect for postpartum mothers.

Closing Words

There you have it. Those are the lactogenic soups that we found to not only be deliciously tasty, but might actually boost your breast milk supply. If you liked this article and want to read about whether or not food increase breast milk, we have an article all about that. 

However, if you are seriously considering lactogenic food and want to supplement your breast milk supply with a lactation diet plan, feel free to contact us to learn more and book your packages today!


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