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Nursing Tips: Mastering Proper Latching with Your Baby!

Ever since your baby was born, breastfeeding may be your preferred and natural way of feeding your precious one. However, it takes practice for both you and your baby to get it right, including figuring out how to latch properly. Finding suitable latching positions and techniques are sometimes difficult, especially for first-time mothers. Because of that, you might be struggling and it can get frustrating easily. 

Therefore, learning the correct breastfeeding latch is a MUST to help your baby get the most milk and at the same time ensure that you yourself feel comfortable during breastfeeding.

Common Breastfeeding Latch Problems

  • Strong breastfeeding let-down reflex
  • Insufficient/Oversupply of breastmilk
  • Uncomfortable latching position
  • Baby is too sleepy

In the first few days of life for a newborn, it is common to have difficulties latching on or keep sucking on your nipple for milk. However, the problems above should not be ignored. It might cause your baby to have poor weight gain, insufficient nutrients and ineffective mental and physical development. 

Not to worry, practising the right breastfeeding position can amplify the effectiveness of breastfeeding. How does it work? Take a look at the 4 breastfeeding positions below — one of them might just significantly better your nursing journey!

4 Main Commonly Practised Breastfeeding Position

1. Cradle position

It is the most commonly used position during the first few weeks as it allows mummies to have more control over the babies’ movement. 

In this position, you should use either the “U” hold or “C” hold to support your breast and hold your baby across your lap. Ensure your baby is lying on their side and make sure that their ear, shoulder, and hips are in a straight line. Place your baby’s head on your forearm and position their back along your inner arm and palm. 

2. Cross-cradle position

This is one of the easiest cradle positions for your baby. To nurse your baby in this position, you should sit up straight in a comfortable chair with an armrest. If you intend to breastfeed on the left breast, your left hand needs to support your breast from the underside with the “U” hold, or vice versa. In this position, your baby’s mouth should stick close to your nipple and you should not bend over or lean forward.

3. Clutch position

This position suits mothers who have had a Cesarean birth. It is because it keeps the baby away from the incision. It also helps the baby to handle the flow more easily when you are having a forceful letdown.

To practise this position, you should hold your baby beside you with your elbow bent. Using your hands to support the baby’s head and face him or her toward your breast with their mouth at nipple height. At the same time, ensure your baby’s back rests on your forearm. It might help to support your breast in a C-shaped hold with your other hand. 

4. Back-lying position

Many mothers find this position to be easier and more comfortable, especially at night. It requires you to lie back on a comfy sofa or bed (note: do not lie flat). You could support your back with pillows and cushions to form a semi-reclining position. Let your baby’s whole front touch your whole front.

Perhaps the knowledge would give you more insights on how you should position yourself and your little one while breastfeeding. A comfortable latch could make your day!

Signs of Proper Breastfeeding Latch

  • Comfortable and pain-free.
  • Baby’s head is straight and rests against your body.
  • Baby’s chin touches your breast.
  • Baby’s mouth opens wide around your breast, not just the nipple.
  • Baby’s tongue cups under your breast.
  • You can hear or see swallowing.
  • Baby’s ears move slightly.
  • Baby starts with short sucks before sucking more slowly and deeply

Do you recognise any of the signs above? If none or only a few signs above are shown throughout your breastfeeding journey, a poor breastfeeding latch may be the culprit. You should pay extra attention to your health condition, breastfeeding positions, or even food consumed throughout the breastfeeding journey.

In Sum

Mamas, a proper breastfeeding latch is necessary for you and your little one. You can always get comfortable during the process while still providing your baby with more milk supply by mastering the latching techniques! 

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Let’s jot the tips down, make it work, and create the path for your child’s healthy growth!


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