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Secrets to Having Satisfying Meals

Secrets to Having Satisfying Meals - ReLacto
Secrets to Having Satisfying Meals – ReLacto

Food is something we can’t live without. Over the years, it has not only been just a staple for surviving but has blossomed into a huge industry of trends and innovation. With more delectable delights available so readily, people have been taking pleasure in food more frequently and for longer periods. But who has the time when you’ve got a baby on your hands?

If you have a newborn, infant, or young child to take care of, you probably are focusing more on their needs and wants a lot of the time. And when you’re fussing over your child, meals can be difficult to be had peacefully. Sometimes, mealtimes can even turn into a war zone. So, now, you need your limited time and meals to be efficient, sufficient, and satisfying. Well, not to worry as we are here to share some goodies and show you what you can do to achieve that on top of relishing the nutritional benefits.

Using different spices and herbs

Did you know that herbs and spices bring many health benefits? They are said to bring anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which are important in a healthy diet. In addition, as herbs and spices are so flavourful, they actually promote the reduction in salt usage, which is favourable when it comes to cardiovascular health.

Aside from that, dishes prepared with herbs and spices are more savoury than if they were prepared with merely salt and pepper. With an improved flavour profile and multiple dimensions in taste, a meal becomes more satisfying to consume. Who said food had to be boring? Who said food had to be monotonous to be healthy? That is definitely not the case, especially if you have ReLacto to support you.

Trying out a variety of cuisines

Living in Singapore opens up many opportunities to many cuisines, even during confinement. There is no one type of cuisine that mothers must stick to after childbirth. As long as you don’t go overboard with unhealthy food, the world is your oyster. As a matter of fact, by partaking in different cuisines, you get to enjoy various flavours, ingredients, cultural foods, while also reaping the nutritional benefits which your newborn will share through nursing.

So, what is stopping you? Give different cuisines a go. Give ReLacto a go. ReLacto is no stranger to cuisine variety. From traditional to fusion, you’ll be impressed by the available options which are hearty and sumptuous, all while still being nutrient-dense and helpful in your lactation journey.

Trying out a variety of cooking styles

It can get one-note if you keep eating the same style of cooking every day for every meal, especially if that style of cooking is on the bland side. Instead of that, you could try getting creative by creating different meal variations with the same ingredients, just like how Relacto does it. For instance, chicken could be stir-fried, stewed, steamed, or roasted. The same goes for the accompanying ingredients or side dishes.

Admittedly, certain styles of cooking are deemed to be healthier. However, it is completely fine to have curry or deep-fried food every once in a while. That being said, you must remember that moderation is key as excessive intake of food made with unhealthy cooking preparation could lead to unhealthy dietary habits which are excessive calorie intake and excessive saturated fat intake which has been shown to lead to increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

A mother still needs to have healthy dietary practices while breastfeeding not just to give the best nutrition through her breast milk to her child, but to ensure the best for her own health. With ReLacto, you needn’t worry about this as the extensive, nourishing, and a diversified menu will leave you wanting more.

Having more colourful ingredients

Ingredients - ReLacto
Ingredients – ReLacto

While vegetables are typically thought of to be just green, they are actually very colourful and generally fall into a few colour groups with each group representing different phytochemical content, which are also what gives the vegetables their colour. However, that is not to say each vegetable only contain that particular phytochemical or nutrient. Phytochemicals are compounds produced by plants believed to aid in the protection against certain diseases and cancers while also bringing nutritional benefits.

Not only that, vegetables are low in calories. So, having more vegetables helps you to avoid excessive calorie intake while still giving you bulk to keep you full. In addition, the colour variety could actually make our meals more appetizing and delightful which subconsciously tells your brain that the meal is wholesome, nourishing, and satisfying.

Here are some colourful vegetables to add to your diet, many of which you can find at ReLacto.

Phytochemical (colour) Vegetable Potential Benefits but not limited to
Carotenoid (carotene=orange, lycopene=red, lutein=yellow) Beet, tomato, rhubarb, corn, pumpkin, carrot Converted to Vitamin A which supports eye health and vision.
Chlorophyll (green) Broccoli, celery, cucumber, leafy greens Green vegetables are also sources of sulforaphane. It may help protect against blood vessel damage.
Anthocyanin, Lycopene (red, blue, purple) Eggplant, purple cabbage, purple asparagus May protect cells from damage.

Consuming fish more often

Seafood provides a lot of sustenance. One of the most common seafood that is used as a main dish is fish and there is a good reason for that. Fish is a good source of protein and several other nutrients that have an effect on our hormonal and metabolic functions, such as iodine, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids DHA. What’s more, fish has a relatively low-calorie density. Hence, it potentially helps with weight loss as it curbs appetite.

So, take this as a chance to up your fish intake. Try having fish twice a week. At ReLacto, fish is one of the main choices for the main course. We serve it marinated, grilled, or baked. One thing to note though is that some fish have high levels of mercury which can be damaging to our health, so here is a guideline from the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on fish intake for reference.

It is important to not forget to take care of yourself too. All the more so if you are breastfeeding. You would want to get the best nutrition for yourself and nourishment for good production and supply of breast milk for your little one. For this, you can always look to ReLacto for a lactation menu plan if you’re not sure what are the best meals for lactation. With a comprehensive lactation diet menu, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


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