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Highly rated nourishment for mothers who breastfeed in Singapore

Here’s why parents love our lactation and recovery focused meals!

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What’s on ReLacto Menu

What’s on ReLacto Menu

Over 100 appetising dishes to look forward to! Simply insert the date you wish to start the service and a complete 1-month menu will appear immediately.

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ReLacto for Mama

ReLacto for Mama

If you are breastfeeding, ReLacto can extensively help with your lactation journey!

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More About ReLacto

More About ReLacto

The brains behind our foods that consistently satisfy different palates!

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Tips on Recovering & Boosting Lactation

Tips on Recovering & Boosting Lactation

...and more! Straight from our certified dietitian.

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Looking for Ways to Speed up Your Recovery?

Looking for Ways to Speed up Your Recovery?

Your foods are planned for a smoother recovery and more!

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You Asked, We Answer!

You Asked, We Answer!

We compile FAQs about our service, menu, and more on our

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Mamas, we know how tough breastfeeding can be. Sometimes the supply is low and we’re afraid we can’t provide enough for our little ones. Fret not, for every problem there is the ideal solution! To improve your milk supply and the overall breastfeeding experience, it starts with what you feed your body. So, if you are looking for the best lactation boosting food, here’s one good news; this is where your search ends!

At ReLacto, we serve breastfeeding moms who face difficulties continuing breastfeeding, especially after the first month postpartum has passed. Our meals are incorporated with various lactation-boosting ingredients to ensure that they work effectively in increasing the milk supply. In your search for the ideal daily meals for lactation, you must also consider how good the foods should be for both your body and baby. At this point, you are still recovering from childbirth so the nutrients matter the most.

Hence, in formulating the best lactation boosting food, we also take into consideration the right calorie intake and nutritional requirements a lactation mother has to meet on a daily basis. That is why we have an in-house certified dietitian who takes care of all the work and research for you so you can have lactation-boosting meals that are best for your body and baby every day!

Furthermore, you will be served with a huge variety of dishes inspired by Japanese, Indonesian, Morrocan, western cuisines and more from all around the world. A scroll through the many ReLacto review online should tell you enough about our scrumptious meal variety. Not only you can eat with ease knowing that they are healthy food for breastfeeding moms but they are also tasty and appetising so you’ll never get bored of what you’ll receive at your doorstep every day! Isn’t that the dream?

We serve a number of clients, mainly mothers who seek extra boost in breastfeeding and wish to start eating healthy in general. If you are looking for a ReLacto food review that can tell you a lot about how our foods help others like you, we’d be happy to share a few! One ReLacto meals review by a mother states that having ReLacto meals allow her to “have convenient, yummy and nutritious meals on time daily”, while another breastfeeding mummy shares how our meals help her produce and pump more milk for her little one even after she has stopped pumping. Want to see more? Be sure to check out other feedbacks above to see the full ReLacto review collection from our clients! To know more about what we serve and how we can help you, simply drop us a call at +65 6360 1000!