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Is Your Wife Still Breastfeeding? Here’s What to Get Her for Mother’s Day!

Running out of gift ideas for your wife this coming Mother’s Day? Yes, finding the best Mother’s day gift for her takes time and effort. However, the way she’ll feel when she receives your gift is going to be well worth the effort and time you spent on it.

You can opt for generic gifts for women like flowers, candles, perfume – which are nice gestures. However, it might not be the most useful and practical items that will help her go through her motherhood journey. As have probably witnessed firsthand, living with a new little addition to the family is physically and emotionally taxing, especially having to produce enough milk and ensure smooth breastfeeding for the baby. Hence, why don’t you consider getting her gifts that can actually help her with her breastfeeding journey? Below are some ideas you’d want to see!

Gift To Help Her Get Comfortable 

Breastfeeding Pillow

Anything that helps to make nursing easier like a breastfeeding pillow (also known as a nursing pillow) is a great present for nursing mothers. It is not only beneficial during breastfeeding but also during her pregnancy. The nursing pillow helps support a mother’s back, reducing backaches and body discomforts.

During breastfeeding, it helps the baby to latch properly without the mother having to constantly support the baby’s head with their arm. Furthermore, it puts your baby ar the right height for feeding. 

Breast Care Items

Breastfeeding is a bonding time between mother and baby, so it should be as comfortable as possible for both of them. Unfortunately, there are too many common issues that make it unpleasant for breastfeeding mothers such as cracked and sore nipples. A soothing nursing balm may help to moisture and protects sensitive nipples from pain. You can get items like nursing balm and soothing cream from Mumchecked. 

Here’s another gift suggestion for your breastfeeding wife; a warming massage pad that improves lactation and even promotes relaxation! It is a lactation massage pad with vibration and heat that improves milk flow, speeds up milk pumping speed, and prevents clogged ducts.

Gift To Help With Her Breastfeeding Supply 

Lactation Meal

Providing a sufficient milk supply can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Many moms are on the edge of giving up when they think about how would they be able to breastfeed their baby for months. All these thoughts can hit them hard, and it may affect the mother’s mood and well-being.

It is important to look into what can cause low milk supply such as hormonal problems, poor latching techniques, and so on. If you know your wife is suffering from low supply issues, why not get her some lactogenic foods to increase milk supply?

Mothers who have to cope between chores and a newborn might not have enough time to take care of herself and prepare proper meals daily. Your wife might not fully know what to eat while breastfeeding. So, this is your time to shine by providing what’s best for her! With the guidance of our in-house dietitian, ReLacto provides foods based on the ideal lactogenic diet that is known to help promote healthy milk supply and nourishment in a healthy way, even after the confinement period.

Lactation Bakes

To perfect the meal, why not try some sweet bites too? Lactation bakes or cookies are said to nourish mother’s postpartum body and aim to boost milk supply. It has a wide range of selections, including chocolate cookies, brownies, muffins and more so your wife can enjoy different treats each day! Give her a try if she is still looking out for the milk booster that works for her! On a side note, you may now add on lactation bakes while ordering a lactation meal from ReLacto too!

Gifts to Suit Her Breastfeeding Style

Breastfeeding Cover

This is not a must for all breastfeeding moms and it is totally up to mother’s personal choice. A nursery room is not going to be available at all places, which means that at some point your wife will have to breastfeed in public. If she has been struggling with doing it discreetly, nursing cover makes a great gift for your wife’s comfort and privacy while breastfeeding your child.

Plus, a nursing cover also shields your little ones from sun rays and wind while nursing outdoors and of course, reduces distractions! When it comes to choosing the materials, cotton is the top choice for breathability, especially for moms in Singapore living in hot, humid weather. 

Nursing Attire

Daddy might not know why a mother needs a nursing dress. Is there any difference with our usual clothes? Well, no piece of clothes can stop a mom from nursing her baby, they can always roll her clothes or T-shirt up to nurse the baby. However, there is a huge range of nursing attire that are specially designated to make breastfeeding easier. Almost everything she usually wears is now available in a nursing version, including wide ranges of bras, T-shirt, dresses, pyjamas and so on, and sometimes it cannot be distinguished as a nursing attire.

Becoming a mother does not mean she cannot dress up or has to be in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants all the time. With your help, she can still dress up nicely and at the same time practically in a nursing attire, and this can help make her feel beautiful again! 

You know her style and preference the best. Now, choose the most suitable and thoughtful Mother’s Day present for her! Treat your leading lady with one of these meaningful ideas.


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