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Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Tips for a Smooth Breastfeeding Journey

Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Tips for a Smooth Breastfeeding Journey

Hey there, new mums! Diving into the breastfeeding journey, are we? Well, you’ve probably got a million questions buzzing around. “Am I eating the right foods for my baby? Can I still do my favourite workout? How do all these lifestyle shifts impact breastfeeding?” Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this. We’re here to break it all down for you with some straightforward diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips to make your breastfeeding journey as smooth as peanut butter. 

Nutritional Needs for Breastfeeding Mothers

When breastfeeding, eating the right foods is super important for your baby’s growth and your health after giving birth. During this time, your body needs more of certain good stuff like calcium, iodine, iron, omega-3 fats, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and zinc. For example, calcium helps your baby’s bones strengthen. It can be found in foods like milk, cheese, and some special kinds of milk made from plants, like almond milk with extra vitamins added. Iodine is good for your baby’s brain and can be sourced from seafood and dairy. Iron keeps you from getting tired and weak (anaemia) and is in foods like red meat, beans, and some breakfast cereals with extra vitamins added.

Healthy Meals for Breastfeeding

Eating various foods from all the main categories is important to get the needed nutrition. This way, you get a wide mix of nutrients to keep both of you healthy:

  • Ginger. Ginger contains compounds that can relax blood vessels and reduce inflammation, enhancing blood flow and circulation throughout the body. This improved blood supply to the mammary glands can contribute to increased milk production.
  • Garlic. It is a lactogenic ingredient traditionally used to promote milk production. It is believed that garlic brings a distinctive flavour to the breast milk which may increase longer time of suckling in babies during initial exposure, leading to increased milk secretion. Garlic can be consumed in various dishes and sauces.
  • Fennel. Fennel seeds contain compounds that can reduce the inhibitory effects of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can suppress prolactin secretion. The theory is that prolactin, the primary hormone responsible for milk production, increases when dopamine’s inhibitory effect is reduced, leading to enhanced milk production.
  • Moringa Oleifera. Moringa Oleifera, the drumstick tree, has gained recognition for its potential lactogenic properties. Moringa leaves contain compounds that may be able to stimulate the production of prolactin, the primary hormone responsible for milk production.
  • Green Papaya. It is a popular fruit in many Asian cultures and is believed to have lactogenic properties. Studies have shown that green papaya consumption can lead to an increase in breast milk production. Green papaya can be cooked in dishes or soups or made into smoothies.


Hydration is as important as nutritional foods. Your body uses extra fluids to produce milk, making it vital to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Here are some practical tips:

Drink a Glass of Water with Every Breastfeeding Session: This simple habit can help ensure you’re replenishing the fluids used for milk production.

Keep a Water Bottle Handy: A water bottle nearby, whether at home or out, encourages regular sips throughout the day.

Listen to Your Thirst: Your body has a natural way of signalling its needs. If you’re thirsty, take it as a cue to drink up.

Incorporating nutrient-rich foods into your diet and staying well-hydrated are key strategies for a healthy breastfeeding journey. Remember, the choices you make not only affect your health but also the well-being and development of your baby. Consulting a healthcare provider or a dietitian can be very beneficial for more detailed guidance and personalised advice.

Exercise During Breastfeeding

Getting Started: Introducing exercise after giving birth should be a gradual process. Starting with light exercises and gradually increasing intensity can help prevent injury and discomfort.

Types of Exercise: Suitable exercises during breastfeeding include walking, postnatal yoga, and light strength training. These activities can help improve cardiovascular health, strength, and mood without negatively impacting milk supply.

Exercise’s Impact on Breastfeeding: Common concerns about exercise affecting breast milk supply or composition are largely unfounded. Regular, moderate exercise has not been shown to impact breastfeeding outcomes significantly.

Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Tips for a Smooth Breastfeeding Journey

Lifestyle Tips for a Smooth Breastfeeding Journey

Sleep and Rest: Quality sleep and rest are vital for a breastfeeding mother’s health. Strategies to improve sleep include napping when the baby sleeps and seeking help from family or friends to allow restful breaks.

Stress Management: Managing stress is key to a positive breastfeeding experience. Techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and regular physical activity can help maintain mental well-being.

Seeking Support: Navigating breastfeeding challenges is easier with support. Don’t hesitate to contact healthcare professionals, lactation consultants, or breastfeeding support groups for guidance and reassurance.


In conclusion, embracing a healthy breastfeeding meal plan is important for a smooth and fulfilling breastfeeding journey. Understanding the importance of this, ReLacto is here to ensure you receive the best possible nutrition during this special time. Our breastfeeding meal delivery service helps take away the worry of planning and making meals.

We’ve put together healthy meal plans that are good for you and can help with your milk supply. These plans are made to give you and your baby what you need. Check out our website to see the special food packages we’ve made just for breastfeeding mums. With ReLacto, you can trust that we’re looking after your diet, so you can spend more time enjoying moments with your baby.


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