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How to Increase Breast Milk

How to Increase Breast Milk (1) ReLacto

Breastfeeding is the best way of providing nutrition for babies naturally as breast milk consists of antibodies that can boost their immunity and beneficial health enzymes to help them grow big and strong. Through breastfeeding, you can help your baby reduce the risk of falling ill, having tummy issues such as diarrhoea, and having health issues such as childhood obesity. It is no wonder why most health experts recommend mothers to breastfeed their children for the first six months and to continue giving breast milk with solid food thereafter for as long as they want.

However, many mummies out there have concerns with their breast milk supply and are wondering whether they are producing enough to support their children’s nutritional requirements. 

So what can you do to increase your breast milk production, you might ask? It is as simple as eating certain foods that help replenish breast milk supply, also known as galactagogues. 

Read on to find out what food ingredients you can incorporate into your meals that can promote breast milk production!


One of the best herbs with high nutritional benefits is ginger. As a popular ingredient used in Chinese cooking, ginger is traditionally known to promote healing which is vital in postpartum recovery. What is great about this herb (or spice) is that it doubles as a purported galactagogue, stimulating breast milk production during the postpartum period to help meet your baby’s demands. 

Though not much research has been conducted to test the effectiveness of ginger as a galactagogue, ginger has been prevalent in traditional medicine due to the other health benefits it provides.


Aromatic and full of flavour, garlic is one ingredient that is bound to turn any bland-tasting food into a mouth-watering dish. Garlic is a well-known galactagogue that can help stimulate and increase breast milk supply in mummies. For mummies who enjoy eating garlic, research has found that breast milk can contain trace amounts of garlic, and garlic odour is transmitted which may lead to babies latching on and feeding longer as they develop a taste for garlic especially during initial exposure. However, keep in mind that if you and your baby are sensitive and do not tolerate garlic well, you should reduce the amount of garlic that you consume.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are traditionally used as a herbal galactagogue for breast milk production and not only do they help moms who are breastfeeding produce more breast milk, they provide additional health benefits as well. Research indicates that fennel seeds contain antioxidants, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties and they are rich in vitamins A and C, and iron.

In terms of breast milk production, fennel seeds help reduce the inhibitory effects of dopamine hormones in breast milk production. Dopamine inhibits prolactin hormones that stimulate milk production. Thus, consuming fennel seeds can aid mummies by ensuring a smoother flow of milk.

Green Papaya

Papayas are often consumed by mummies as they are known for their lactogenic effect. In fact, unripe papayas or green papayas are more lactogenic as they are filled with saponins and alkaloids. Saponins and alkaloids aid in the production of oxytocin and prolactin hormones which are both necessary hormones for stimulating the production of breast milk. 


Countries all around the world use fenugreek as a traditional means of increasing milk supply in breastfeeding women. Studies conducted on the efficacy of fenugreek in the production of breast milk production show mixed results, however, some research has found that it can help in boosting milk supply in the early periods of breastfeeding though less in later days.

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Moringa Oleifera

The overall health benefits and efficacy of moringa oleifera in stimulating breast milk production have been scientifically proven by several clinical studies. Consumed as a traditional herbal galactagogue, moringa oleifera leaves help increase the volume of breast milk by increasing prolactin hormones in lactating mothers. They also provide essential nutrients such as Vitamins B6, C, iron, and folate.


How to Increase Breast Milk (2) ReLacto

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